My name is Alessia Jade, an international dominatrix offering sessions and guidance in BDSM. Based in Berlin, I regularly travel around Europe.

I’m currently available in Berlin for BDSM encounters as well as virtual sessions.

Additionally, I am available for Fly Me To You bookings.


My focus lies in intertwining creativity, passion, transgression, and mindful presence in the body, crafting meaningful and liberating experiences.

My BDSM practice derives from my professional experience as an artist. Experimentation, phantasy and questioning the norms are at the core of it. I am passionate about creating immersive experiences within the realm of power exchange, which allows me and my submissives to delve deeply into the exploration of body, sexuality, and fantasy.

A key aspect of our encounter to me is engaging in emotional play, seducing your senses to unlock hidden realms of pleasure, and facets of yourself concealed beneath your desire. I see BDSM as a powerful tool for questioning societal norms, self-discovery and embracing your personal shadows.


I would describe myself as inherently seductive and playful capricious youthful woman with great sensitivity and nuanced charm. I relish in exploring diverse kinks, mind spaces, and unconventional setups. My domination style is constantly evolving, just as I am. I enjoy navigating the spectrum between tease and consensual abuse. Establishing strong, trusting relationships with my submissives, fostering genuine bonds is what I value the most.


My passion for being a dominatrix drives me to approach each encounter with a fresh perspective, attuned to the unique dynamics between us. I invest significant emotional energy in my sessions; therefore, I'm seeking high-quality encounters and am selective about whom I meet. I'm enthusiastic about engaging with individuals who are ready to follow my lead, embark on a transformative journey, and allow me to extend their boundaries.

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