Experience my world.

I am a dominatrix by lifestyle as well as profession whereby, I value longer engagements. I revel in the integration of power dynamics into everyday scenarios.

Let's imagine starting our encounter at a restaurant. While we engage in conversation over a gourmet dinner, we may appear to the outside world as any vanilla couple on a date. Yet, between us, a subtle power dynamic is at play. My every soft-spoken word, subtle gesture, and cheeky smile result in your increasing surrender.


I find it thrilling to maintain your immersion in the sub space for extended periods, whether during a shopping adventure or in the privacy of a BDSM studio or luxurious hotel where our encounter unfolds. During our long evening, perhaps we engage in some of my favourite practices such as creative role-play, o-control, gender exploration, impact, bondage, electro or cbt.

Another setting I enjoy playing in is fetish parties. Berlin, my base, offers a variety of them. While delving into the nightlife wearing a kinky attire, picture yourself carrying my bag and a drink, observing me shining at the dance floor. I’m an extraordinary dancer, it’s a rare chance to witness that! Then, as the night progresses, it's time for another thrill—returning my bag to me so I can unveil my array of toys!


Each encounter is unique; propelling my inspiration and spontaneity. I never work with predesigned scenarios - instead, I aim to experience something refreshing every time. Each moment of our encounter is an opportunity for me to indulge in the feast of my pervert imagination, crafting an experience that encourages you to delve deeper into the realms of submission.

Our bond forged through BDSM offers limitless opportunities for exploration. I am thankful that my journey has brought me to this path, where I can guide others through their experiences. My ultimate goal is for our rendezvous to awaken new emotions within you, fostering personal discovery and strengthening our bond as we navigate uncharted territories together.


If distance prevents us from meeting in person, I also provide virtual sessions via video calls. These sessions offer personalized guidance in BDSM.

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